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Lovatt Brothers can supply various sizes of skip to meet your requirements.
What Skip sizes are there?
Skips are measured by volume (cubic yards), our skip sizes comparison table will give you a rough idea of what skip can do what and the amount of waste it can take away.
Cubic Yards
2 2ft 7ft 4ft
4 4ft 8ft 4ft
6 4ft 10ft 5ft

8 4ft 12ft 6ft
Larger sizes available please contact us with your requirements
Filling a Skip
When filling your skip you can only load it level with the top of the skip itself.
This is a legal requirement. It is actually against the law for our drivers to carry skips loaded beyond this point on the highways. Likewise, using boards around the side of the skip in an attempt to increase its capacity is illegal.
We strongly believe that it is better for customers to hire a skip that is not completely filled, than to have a skip that is too small - and end up needing to hire a second skip, at further cost.
In other words to ensure low cost skip hire, it will be better to over-estimate than under-estimate the size you need.

Siting the Skip on Private Property
Now you know the size of skip required, its time to consider where the skip will be sited - i.e. whether it’s going to be off road on private property, or on the road. Ideally you will have privately owned property for the skip to be sited, meaning on a driveway, hard-standing or privately owned garden.

Please note: a standard skip lorry requires a minimum of 8 to 10ft width to gain access, regardless of what size skip you have ordered.

Siting the Skip on the Road / Grass Verge
If you do not have your own private property on which to keep the skip, or there is not enough access for the skip lorry, it leaves you with the option of placing the skip on the road or grass verge outside the property.
In order to do this your local council must first give permission. You can apply for this licence yourself or leave it to us. Either way, inevitably the council does charge for the privilege. This charge is payable to the council if they grant you a licence or not
Council permits can take between 1 and 5 working days to obtain, and the application period varies dependent on your location. This delay needs to be taken into account when deciding on the dates for hiring a skip.
Any skip that is sited on the road MUST have a light at each end and traffic cones. This is to ensure it is clearly visible to motorists at all times. In most instances we are able to provide these - this will be confirmed at the time of order.
In the rare instances we are unable to provide these items for you, they can be obtained from your local tool hire shop. It is important to note that whilst the skip is outside your property, you are responsible for its lighting and coning.
Now you have established the size skip required, and where the skip will be placed, it is important to consider the actual waste to be disposed of.
Certain skips are not suitable for certain waste types. You need to establish whether the waste you will be putting in the skip will be heavy waste (e.g. soil, brick, hardcore, rubble, etc), or light waste (e.g. timber, metal, cardboard etc).

General Skip Restrictions
Certain types of waste CANNOT be placed in general waste skips under any circumstances. These include: -
• Plasterboard
• Asbestos
• TVs and Monitors
• Fridge/Freezers
• Batteries
• Tyres
• Gas Cylinders
• Pressurised Containers
• Paint Tins
• Food Waste
• Fluorescent Tubes
• Liquids of any description

Unless you have notified us prior to ordering, an extra disposal fee may be charged if unsuitable waste is found in a skip. This is because our skips are normally hired for general waste, and hazardous waste requires alternative disposal methods.

We can supply skips for Hazardous wastes. Please contact us with your requirements
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